Classes for no glasses: Hyderabad-based woman helps people live spectacular life minus spectacles

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Where did I leave my glasses?” The hunt for that elusive pair of spectacles is one of the many frustrating aspects of prescription eyewear. The annoyance drove Amrita S from Hyderabad to look for a solution. Being both myopic and hypermetropic, she had difficulty reading and focusing on far-off objects. While Lasik surgery was a viable solution, she decided to look for a more natural and non-invasive way to fix her eyesight defect. The search culminated in Amrita establishing her own eye-treatment practice, The Core of my Eye Healing, in 2019 to help others get rid of their prescription glasses. This March, she celebrated helping 100 people live a “spectacular life minus spectacles”.

In her online sessions, the 38-year-old blends techniques taught at the School of Perfect Eyesight, the eyecare arm of Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry along with mudras. Sujok Therapy, which leverages acupressure points on hands and feet to treat eye ailments, also makes for a significant portion of her practice.

Amrita S

“I pored over 1,500 scientific journals and research papers in my quest for answers, and then distilled that knowledge to formulate my own techniques,” says Amrita, who recalls how spectacles have been an extension of her since she was 13. “Individual frustration is the mother of such inventions. While previously I had to have my glasses with me all the time, now I can drive without them effortlessly. The best thing is being able to discard those clunky reading glasses and sport funky sunglasses,” she quips. 

At the core of her practice is the belief that the eye, like any other muscle group, gets better the more you exercise it. While she is not a certified doctor, a fact she acknowledges at the beginning of each session, the techniques she shares have worked wonders both for herself and others. She has had naval officers record remarkable progress in just two months.

Amrita, who now offers technical guidance to M.Tech students, charges a nominal Rs 200 for her class. “It’s Rs 100 per eye and the student has to spend just 10 minutes a day to work on it,” she says, adding, “Although the one-time session is for 60 minutes, they need to practice the techniques for at least eight weeks to see a visible difference.”

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