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The benefits of sunbathing, sun gazing and sun salutations are well known. Lesser recognised, however, are the almost-magical properties of a simple glass of water charged by keeping it in the sun. According to ayurveda, surya chikitsa, or the healing properties of the sun, has the power to transform water at 
a molecular level. The process not only disinfects the water, but can also give it antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. “The sun is also a natural source of vitamin D, so solar-charged water can boost bone health,” says Dr Aishwarya Fating, a Nagpur-based dietician. Numerous scientific studies have shown similar results with UV radiation and sun’s thermal energy improving water quality and making it that much healthier.

The process of preparing a solar-charged potion is easy and hassle-free. “Put a bottle or a jug of water in the sun for five to eight hours. For best results, it can be exposed to the sun over a period of three days, while ensuring to bring it indoors after sunset. The supercharged water then should be consumed within 24-72 hours,” says Goa-based nutritionist Harpreet Pasricha.

In ayurveda, the water can also be activated with health benefits through the power of the moon. “Moonlight is of saumya (cool) nature, and is good for female hormones. As the cycle of the moon and women’s menstrual cycle are of similar duration, lunar water can help the menstrual cycle get back on track, and treat PCOS as well,” says Fating.

The method of preparation is the same. Keep water in a glass bottle under the moonlight. “While such water can be prepared during a full moon in any month, the most effective time is to have it in Sharad Ritu, which is September. 

Avoid refrigerating charged water as it reduces its health-enriching properties,” Fating adds. Another caveat: never make moon water during an eclipse, for the negative energy of the eclipse can overpower 
the positive effects of lunar energy.

Spectrum of benefits
Ayurveda chromotherapy recommends exposing water in tinted bottles to the sunlight between 10 am and 5 pm to charge it.
● Green strengthens the immune system, releases hypertension and anxiety
● Red stimulates blood circulation and cell growth 
● Orange aids your digestion and helps in abdominal cramps
● Blue purifies the blood and cures boils, ulcers
●  Indigo aids wound healing, and skin diseases like eczema
●  Yellow promotes weight loss and acts as a diuretic

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